Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kranji Commonwealth War Cemetery, War Memorial and State Cemetery Visit

Kranji State Cemetery

Rounding up this trip and article is the Kranji State Cemetery. The only national cemetery that I am aware of in Singapore. It is located just before the Kranji War Cemetery on the right side. It has an area of 2 acres and currently only 2 persons are buried there. They are Yusof Ishak and Benjamin Henry Sheares. The first and second President of the Republic.

The first thing I think anyone would notice is how large 2 acres is compared to the fact that only 2 persons are currently buried here.

The 2 photographs below are taken from the same position. The first shows Yusof Ishak's burial plot and the second Benjamin Sheares one.


First up Yusof Ishak. His burial plot is covered and almost obscured by a hedge surrounding it. As you approach it, the 2 grave markers are the only visible parts that you can see far away.


The Coat of Arms can be seen on the grave markers.


On both sides of the stone block where the grave markers sit are the engravings in the 4 official languages of Singapore.


Finally, Benjamin Shears burial plot. In contrast it is very simply and unadorned. It is even missing the Coat of Arms which I felt should have been there.


Well that's all folks and I hope you enjoyed this article and if you do have the time, take a trip down and have a nice serene walk around these tranquil grounds. Practically no one goes there.

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